Sendai Nika Junior & Senior High School

School Motto

Pioneering Spirit : Be Progressive and Creative
Loyal Service: Be Sincere and Contribute

Educational Goal

Cultivating students who:

  • Develop a rich and high intelligence; learn subjectively and creatively
  • Value the spirit of courtesy and moral standards; have a strong personality with a well-rounded mind and infinite patience
  • Love truth and justice; contribute to the world in pioneering the future
  • Develop a healthy mind and body; can thrive in a global society
School Seal

School SealOur school seal is stylized by pine straw. Centered with a pine nut and reflected in a mirror. The pine nut represents the fruit of daily learning and cultivation; the pine straw expresses the faithfulness to principles taken from the evergreen pine that is unchanging through the years; the mirror symbolizes striving to emulate model behavior.

School Uniform

School UniformThe smart and comfortable design enhances the power of concentration.

Greeting from School Principal

Be the bearers of the next generation

~The beginning~
“Challenge into the future without stopping”
Using our mettle and preparation our school can begin something and create something; in other words, each one of us is able to “challenge” something.All of our students and staff have the freedom to “challenge” something, study, club activities and courses. They can act, challenge and take a step forward by themselves.“Sendai Nika” considers seriously and values their “challenges”.

“Make their hope into high ambitions, make their ability into a high grade of intelligence!”
~Realize a true relaxed education policy by a coeducational and unified junior and senior education school~
Hello, junior high school students,
We are the first coeducational and unified junior and senior education school in the central area of Miyagi prefecture. We try to realize “all-round education”, a high level of well-rounded students.We strive to make an attractive school by maximizing the use of “leeway” as a coeducational and unified junior and senior educational school and taking over the school spirit and traditions of the former Miyagi Prefecture Second Senior Girls High School as a prestigious school.

~Form the learning of Sendai Nika~

(1)Class: Learn and think for them selves
 ~Changing of the quality of learning, from “be taught” to “learn”~

The most important thing for “Sendai Nika”is the class. Reformed classes are whether we are able to be an unconventional school or not. To change to a student-centered class which secures plenty of thinking time from existing cramming classes creates new classes using intelligence, to obtain thinking and problem solving abilities and to know how to learn from just increasing knowledge. This is going to be a force to keep learning for the future.

  1. To secure required class time
  2. Research of teaching materials and class based on preparation and review
  3. Study ahead of their actual grade, mutual exchanging class between junior high school and senior high school, active learning.
  4. Experience-oriented class (See, listen and touch real thing)
  5. Small classes, selected educational curriculum, open curriculum, open lesson, off-campus learning (recognition of credits), and seminars. …are all under consideration


(2)Experience: Think of existence and way of living
 ~Learning and Living, high ambitions, TAISHI~

Touch the real thing. Sendai Nika has experiences (or encounters) which direct to new learning and have a higher aim. Each student establishes themselves through various exchanges and unknown experiences with fluctuation to their concept of values, and they decide on concrete goals. The end goal of course is one of them. This will support learning for students.

  1. Listen (Touch) the real thing…lectures, practical classes, workshops (researchers of Universities or research institutions, professional persons and lecturers of experts working on the front line.)
  2. See (Touch) the real thing…fieldwork (Izumigaoka, Hachimantai, Kitakami river, Mekong river(Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam), visiting universities and laboratory offices(in and out of Miyagi), work experience and special show of arts and culture
  3. Link the world…study tour (Guam, Hong Kong and Macao), dispatch of sister school (U.S.A. and Singapore), English Camp and Super Global High School (specified by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)


(3)Nika as group learning
 ~Junior high school students, high school students from Sendai Nika junior high school, high school students from other junior high schools, teachers~

The quality of learning is secured by group learning. Learning needs good teachers and good friends. Group learning as a coeducational and unified junior and senior educational school is the greatest feature and attractive point of “Sendai Nika”.

  1. Stance…Learning needs thoughts and motivation of both students and teachers. Our students have the stance for learning.
  2. The most attractive point of a unified school program…These various personalities draw many meetings to interact and act through friendly rivalry, develop their personality and capability in enlargement of human relationship and grow personally.
  3. Citizenship…”Sendai Nika” makes account of student’s independence. School is the place for training to acquire independent-minded way of living, in other words, ability to live with their own judgment and responsibility and teachers support it.(Student council, club activities, community work and volunteer work )
    We encourage interacting with society independently to maintain their life.


Haruki Yamauchi
Miyagi Prefecture Sendai Nika Junior High School and Senior High School

Structure of Unified Junior and Senior High School

In Sendai Nika, junior high school students and senior high school students learn in the same school building. Also, there are both students who enter our school at the start of junior high school and those who enter at the start of senior high school. Pupils therefore enhance their social skills by learning and competing mutually with a variety of other students, all with individual characters, in same school building.

In the first year of senior high school, students entering from Sendai Nika junior high school and students from other junior high schools learn separately in different classes. In the second and third year grade of senior high school, we re-organize classes according to their career and course aims.



IS & SR in Sendai Nika

In a highly-developed twenty-first century world, humankind still lives with billions of unsolved problems. Among such issues, “global environment” is a serious problem that involves the existence of all humankind. It is therefore a problem with a complex web of many factors which people in the world can get involved with in some ways. People who lead the twenty-first century society cannot slide over this problem. Learning about “global environment” in our school starts by knowing the circumstances of the globe, nature, society and ourselves. On that basis, we enhance students’ ability to consider their own connection to the global environment and act accordingly by learning means and ways to solve the problems we all face. Moreover, we hope to increase students’ motivation toward leaning by considering the purpose of learning and the future of themselves and the entire world through these learning activities.


International Study

  International Study


Explore co-existence and co-prosperity of humans and the future of the world by looking at the theme of global environment. Educate students who are able to participate actively on an international basis through the following activities; understanding different cultures through workshops and lectures, interaction with foreign people, information-gathering using the internet and making presentations in English that deepen their understanding of different cultures and enhance their ability to themselves express richly.

Junior High School; 1st to 3rd year
Senior High School: 1st year , 2nd year (arts students)
Senior High School: 3rd year (elective) (From 2016~)


Scientific Research

  Scientific Research


Explore issues surrounding global environment from the point of natural science. Learn to apply scientific methods to each theme, starting with understanding natural phenomenon and vital activities in the imminent environment. Enhance the ability to solve problems by cultivating scientific thinking.

Junior High School; 1st to 3rd year
Senior High School: 1st year, 2nd year (science students)
Senior High School: 3rd year (elective) (From 2016~)


Career Study

  Career Study


Students consider occupations, ways of life and the kind of consciousness that one living in a “global environment” requires. That is achieved by, conducting workplace experience in junior high school and holding lectures by members of society in senior high school. In addition, we hope to enhance the student’s opportunities to realize their career and course ambitions by providing guidance and methods of studying subjects /courses and preparing for university entrance examinations, which will enable students to learn effectively.


Thinking Method

  Thinking Method


Students cultivate the power to express themselves effectively by assembling ways of thinking required in a global society. They develop learning in conjunction with integrated study and Japanese subjects.

Junior High School; 1st to 3rd year

International Exchange / Global Understanding
  Our sister school


20 of our students and 2 escorting teachers first visited Delaware, Miyagi’s sister state in the USA, in March 2012. On that occasion, our school and Middletown High School officially signed a sister school agreement to take the first step towards full-scale sister school interaction.
Hereafter, we are going to strengthen this mutual bond with further visits and exchanges between both schools. We are also planning to conduct a 5th sister school detachment in March 2016.


  International Exchange


Our school, Sendai Nika, has a strong relationship with the state of Delaware in the U.S.A. We have accepted exchange students not only from our sister school but also from other senior high schools in Delaware. The wife of the state governor also visited our school. In addition, we have been deepening this exchange; our students have visited the Delaware state governor every year.
Moreover, we visited the Philippines for “Teen Age Ambassadors” in the last fiscal year. We also have various interaction programs; for example, accepting students from California for the “TOMODACHI international exchange program”, earlier this fiscal year.


  UNESCO Associated Schools


Our school is designated as a UNESCO Associated School. This project is aimed at the development of new educational content and methods that enable young people to deal with global-scale problems. We are planning to interact with other UNESCO schools in different countries and conduct training for school personnel.
In 2012, two of our junior high school students made a presentation to appeal about the importance of water at the “World Water Day Youth Conference”, conducted at UNESCO Head Office in Paris.